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Welcome to The Edwards CPA Group P.C. Professional Service, Worldwide

Founded by Kimberly R. Edwards, Edwards CPA Group has provided worldwide business consulting, tax preparation and IRS Tax Relief from our New Hampshire office since 2012.

Kim has firsthand, hands-on experience in business ownership and rental properties and offers invaluable knowledge and advice on entity structure and tax planning. Edwards CPA confidently represents clients in all 50 States, as well as international foreign tax reporting. Edwards CPA will treat your business like it’s their business and will strategize to find every possible deduction you are entitled to. Trained by a former IRS Auditor and CPA, Kim and team know what triggers an IRS audit and more importantly how to represent taxpayers before the IRS or State auditors and get outstanding results.

We safely exchange financial information, giving you access to excellent service and advice, while saving you time and resources. In person appointments are nice, but are not required.

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Five Reasons To Hire a CPA Now

By: Kimberly R. Edwards, CPA


In case you haven’t already hired a professional CPA, or you’re on the fence about it, here are five reasons why I think you should do so. Note that by “professional” I don’t mean the good folks at H&R Block or Liberty Tax. There’s nothing wrong with them, but many of the employees there tend to be kind of temporary and transient. I mean you should consider hiring a professional advisor with whom you can establish a long-term relationship …and here’s why we think it’s important:


Hiring a pro will almost surely save you money in the form of missed deductions and credits. Your CPA can also help you avoid penalties and interest because- OOPS! – you forgot the corporate deadline is March 15th, not April 15th! A colleague of mine once said, “There should be a law which states that all Americans must have their taxes prepared by a professional.” She didn’t say this because she’s greedy. She said it because after ten years of tax prep experience, she’s seen over and over the errors made by well-meaning people which aren’t often discovered by consumer tax software.


Do you know how to deduct the start-up expenses for your new restaurant? Do you know how to figure out and substantiate your home office deduction? Isn’t there a chance that by NOT knowing these absurdly difficult details, you’ll make a mistake that costs you money? Yes! Of course!


You’ll save time. Really, who wants to spend hours doing their own taxes? Who knows how to figure out S-corporation shareholder basis? Who dreams of deciding whether to depreciate or expense their new computer? Wouldn’t you rather give those tedious back-end tasks to a CPA, so you can spend your time working on your business or doing something you enjoy?


You can develop a relationship with a knowlegeable advisor. Accountants are usually great business and financial advisors-especially ones like us. I actually have A LOT of small business experience and business is our passion. We’ve worked in a variety of industries. Your CPA also acts as a “checks and balances” to your banker, mortgage broker, realtor or financial advisor, any of whom may not have your best interests at heart, depending upon how they’re compensated.  

You’ll appear more confident in your business. I’m all for Do-It-Yourself, but honestly – real businesses retain the services of a professional business advisor. It shows the world that you take your business seriously. Having an accountant makes you appear more like a successful, important, business-savvy person.

Your IRS Issues will be made much easier. Over and over again I hear from clients who get an IRS notice, how it’s been worth it to work with a CPA. I hear “I wish I’d hired a CPA earlier”.


Clients have questions. We have answers!

  • Why a CPA? A professional CPA has to continually stay updated on all tax laws. They can represent you in tax court and lower your audit risk. Their insight is invaluable.
  • Is a CPA in my budget? Peace of mind is worth every penny! We can work with any budget!

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