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What We Do

Edwards CPA Group has CPA’s on board and wonderful support staff on our team.  We consult with small business owners and tax clients on riveting topics like these-

  • Best entity structure for your business.
  • Corporate structures for tax efficiency, flexibility and protection
  • S corp elections (even late S corp election)
  • Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 and pass-thru tax breaks (Qualified Business Income Deduction, Section 199A)
  • Reasonable shareholder salary determinations and defense
  • Tax advocacy, strategies and planning (bad news in August, OK… surprises in April, bad)
  • Business coaching to leverage more for you and your family, including lovely yet detached children
  • Executive and fringe benefits
  • Business buy-sell support and exit strategies
  • Financial expert testimony, divorce litigation support
  • Tax representation
  • IRS Tax Resolution (you never have to appear before the IRS!)
  • Compiled and Reviewed Financial Statement preparation
  • Estate tax preparation

Consultative (Proactive) Approach

How are we different? Easy! We take a consultative approach to our client relationships. Here are some agendas that we routinely discuss with our small business owners and tax clients-

  • Periodic Biz Review
  • Small Biz Tax Deductions
  • Year End Planning

Some firms may have this same depth, yet very few offer a consultative proactive approach beyond the nuts and bolts of accounting and business tax return preparation. Although we can certainly help you with accounting and  Quickbooks (we are ProAdvisors) we are focused on consultation, planning and tax return preparation, and therefore we have partnered with Mock Consulting & Accounting to provide these services to you if needed.

We have the experience of a bigger city firm without the stuffiness. We are approachable.  Edwards CPA Group will be your advocate by putting you in a position to make informed decisions by leveraging our professional network of knowledgeable CPAs, corporate and estate planning attorneys, and Certified Financial Planners to work in concert for you. One stop shop. Plus, our firm will be your point of contact as you travel through the cycles of your personal and business lives. Many accountants and business consultants are only compliance oriented, and while government and IRS compliance is critical, being proactive is equally important.

2017 Tax Reform

How does the new tax reform laws affect you? Interested in the new qualified business income deduction known as Section 199A? We have summarized the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 below-



Simple Fee Ranges

Edwards CPA Group prides itself in being transparent by having a simple and reasonable fee structure. Straight billable hours? Pretty much gone unless you have an unusually complicated issue. Fees based on the number of tax forms? Not us. While some projects cannot be firmly quoted, most business services and tax return preparation will fit into our fee ranges. We do not nickel and dime our client relationships. Extra time spent today is easily forgotten tomorrow. [more]

Core Competencies

Outside of typical business services, consultation and tax preparation, we have focused on three niche competencies for our group of CPA’s and business advisors.

  • S Corp elections and administration
  • Rental properties and management consultation
  • IRS Tax Resolution
  • Complete Business Formations

We protect the fortress by not doing everything, but everything we do, we do very well. We also leave room for the individual tax client who does not own a business but has complex tax issues needing expertise and wealth management. In general our client base is comprised of consultants, engineers, financial advisors, physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors, surgeons, nurse anesthetists, insurance agents, veterinarians, online retailers, real estate agents, and good old fashioned widget makers, among several others.


We are not salespeople; we are consultants. We are not putting lipstick on a pig expecting you to love it. Our job remains being professionally detached, giving you information and letting you decide.

We see far too many crazy schemes and half-baked ideas from attorneys and wealth managers. In some cases, they are good ideas. In most cases, all the entities, layering and mixed ownership is only the illusion of precision. As Chris Rock says, just because you can drive your car with your feet doesn’t make it a good idea. In other words, let’s not automatically convert “you can” into “you must.”

Expectations of Our Clients

We select our clients on two important criteria. First, we expect our clients to be open, honest and responsive in communication. Second, we prefer to work with clients who view our partnership as a collaboration, where our challenges and successes are shared. Unlike transactional relationships, we’d rather work with you than for you. Having said that, we understand some people just want a transactional ‘latte’ and don’t want to get too involved with steaming the milk- that is OK too.

Let us work together to develop and implement a proactive yet flexible plan for your future!

Thank you for visiting… Edwards CPA Group, P.C.

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