IRS Tax Resolution

IRS Tax Resolution

Do you have IRS difficulties? Are you getting notices that you are afraid to open? Many of our clients start out by trying to handle their IRS notices and cases by themselves (or with their current CPA, attorney or tax preparer) but end up with negative result or no results at all (except more interest and penalties). The professionals at The Edwards CPA Group can negotiate a solution that works for you.

John L. Lard, CPA, senior counsel, is a former IRS Tax Auditor and trained the staff at The Edwards CPA Group. With this powerful and unique IRS experience our firm knows what can trigger an audit and what the IRS looks for. If the IRS’s strategy is known, the chance of resolution for our clients is exceptional. The Edwards CPA Group confidently represents taxpayers who owe the IRS but simply cannot afford to pay. Plus, you never have to appear before the IRS!

  • Requesting a reduction in penalties
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Offering a payment plan
  • Filing unfiled tax returns
  • Penalty abatements
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