Our Team

Kimberly R. Edwards, CPA

Kimberly R. Edwards, CPA is the firm’s owner, with decades of business, tax , financial and management expertise. Kim’s friendly nature immediately puts people at ease, and they comment on her attention to detail and efficiency. No problem is too big. You will not have to keep calling for information and rarely will you have a tax extension. Kim and her colleagues delight in understanding what your numbers mean in an easy to understand way. She gives peace of mind and her firm will deliver what you need to make the right financial decisions for your business and your family.  Edwards CPA Group is passionate about helping our clients succeed.  Every thought is given to the best strategy from choosing the right business entity to how the IRS sees the deductions taken.  Kim was trained by a former IRS Auditor and is an expert at knowing what triggers an audit and what the IRS will look for to fully resolve the issue.  Kim has won many IRS audits, oftentimes talking them down from over $350,000 in penalties and fines right down to zero due.  Kim talks their language and has clients’ backs.  Edwards CPA Group reviews every single situation with an eye on how the IRS will view the decisions made; and what a good feeling this is for clients.  You just cannot put a price tag on peace of mind.  And that is exactly what we strive to give every client.

Need COVID help?  Have PPP loans that need to be forgiven and you do not know where to start?  We have helped hundreds of business owners apply for all the COVID federal and state assistance available and we have helped those same businesses with loan forgiveness application help.  We know the effects of this crisis will be around for a while…let us help you navigate the storm.

Our knowledgeable, helpful, and confident staff will organize your records, help you make sense of what the numbers mean and follow right through to your tax return prep. We help Small Businesses, Corporations, Partnerships, Non-Profits, Estates, and Individuals. We prepare compiled and reviewed Financial Statements as well as Personal Financial Statements. We deeply understand your business and can do your monthly accounting all the way to tax preparation so that you can focus on making more revenue and creating a good bottom line!

Give us a call, we can help.

John L. Lard, CPA

Our firm’s founder, John L. Lard, CPA is a former IRS Auditor and has 30+ years experience in tax, finance, and tax resolution. John is the former Chairman of the Board of Franklin Savings Bank and has served on countless community boards, as he deeply cares about bettering the community. People immediatly like John’s easy going nature but know that, behind his twinkling eyes, he has a mind like a steel trap. It’s amazing to watch John as he starts thinking about out of the box ideas to help clients with tax and accounting treatments!

We are Tax Resolution Specialists. Our experience with complex businesses and tax returns make us excellent at understanding what the IRS looks for and how to avoid the pitfalls. If you are ever audited, you never have to appear before the IRS. We do it all for with confidence. Imagine having your bookkeeping, accounting and tax work prepared with this knowledge. We strive to take every deduction you are entitled to and also keep you out of tax court.

Gloria W. Hayes, CPA

Gloria Hayes CPA has decades of expererience in the financial and tax arenas. Gloria is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. She is calm, friendly and has a sunny outlook on life.Gloria is hard working and has immense attention to detail while also being able to see the “big picture”. Gloria is an expert at Quickbooks and organizing messy records skillfully and meaningfully. Gloria has successfully represented clients in tough IRS tax cases with her meticulous records and expert knowledge. She serves on the board of directors of several area non profits.

We are Members of the AICPA and take hours of continuing education to stay on the cutting edge of tax strategies and laws. We are Quickbooks ProAdvisors and have recently been certified with Quickbooks Online.