5 Stars! Best in the business!
“Debbie and I want to thank Kim Edwards from the bottom of our hearts! We really do believe she is an angel sent from Heaven. Let me tell you why. We had an IRS audit hanging over our heads for about a year. Our former tax person literally left us holding the bag. We really didn’t know where to turn. We had a final appointment scheduled with the IRS on Friday following our company’s annual Extravaganza with 5 days to go. They were coming to our house. We had a lot of things ready but were far from finished. In addition, for us to do the audit by ourselves we would have been eaten alive, we would have said the wrong things; it would have been a disaster. We were at a loss. We didn’t know what to do. While at the Extravaganza, Debbie was asking Kim questions about our audit because she knew she was a CPA but didn’t know she was licensed for business around the country. Kim looked at some of our tax stuff we brought with us and said, “you need help!” She said she would fly from New Hampshire to California to help us. Who does that? I can tell you, not very many people. But that’s who Kim is. Kim is a true friend and professional. Kim flew to California, took several days out of her life and started digging in. She worked day and night, putting things together and packaging everything for the auditor. The auditor told her that what took her a few days would have taken most people a few weeks. It was monumental for us but not for Kim. She got creative; she found items on previous returns that weren’t carried forward which was a huge savings. When the auditor arrived at the house, I introduced him to Kim. Debbie and I left the house and Kim took over. 3½ hours later the audit was over and Kim saved us a lot of grief and a substantial amount of money. We felt like we had just been acquitted from a life sentence. It was truly remarkable. Kim Edwards is the best in the business. She is our CPA from now on. We will recommend her to everyone. Kim, we are so grateful for you and thank you for everything you have done for us!”

I hired Kim to help me take care of my taxes, and she has been amazing! Very quick to respond to emails, and answers all of my questions. It’s a very nice feeling knowing there is someone out there you can trust to take care of financial business that you may be unsure of. I highly recommend her! -Victoria, Nashua, NH

Pleasant, professional, knowledgeable
Our first visit with Kim went great! She seems like an honest, genuine person who is extremely knowledgeable in her line of work. She answered all our questions and more and didn’t make us feel “stupid” like other professionals I’ve dealt with in the past. She helped us way more than we were expecting. We look forward to working with Kim and her great staff! -Heidi Gilford, NH

Saved us over $11,000 in IRS Penalties
My books were a complete mess, and I didn’t know where to start. We had overdue returns and late penalties in excess of $11,000. EA CPA expertly got all penalties waived and our books are in order. I can’t believe how great this feels! Thank you EA CPA for giving us our lives back!! We would recommend Kim and staff to anyone who has a business or messy files! -Dave, Guild NH

Found me money!
Kim and EA CPA staff have been great to work with. They found money for me I never would have found doing my own taxes. Kim was 100% looking out for my best interests. There is no one else I’d rather have managing my taxes. -Steve A. Merrimack NH

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